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 Trial Over Falun Gong

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PostSubject: Trial Over Falun Gong   Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:39 am

Two Falun Gong practitioners face trial in Vietnam for transmitting programs about the spiritual group into China, their lawyer said Wednesday. Tran Dinh Trien, the lawyer, said that Falun Gong was not banned in Vietnam and that his clients should not be charged. The trial starts Friday for Vu Duc Trung, 30, and his brother-in-law, Le Van Thanh, 35. If convicted, they face up to five years in jail. State media reported that the men broadcast 18 hours a day for more than a year. They already started last year, in 2010. They were emitting from their home and on shortwave and the signal was travelling 800 kilometres north to China. They were diffusing some programs that are free to get. It's very easy to get. They come from the Radio Sound of Hope radio network. This is a Falungong media and they were broadcasting the signals to China to make the Chinese learn about mainland politics, economics, but in particular about what was happening for the Falungong in China.China bans Falun Gong and has jailed practitioners of the group it denounces as a cult. A human rights group is alleging China put pressure on Vietnam to arrest the men as part of its long-running suppression of the Falun Gong spiritual movement. solar panel
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PostSubject: Re: Trial Over Falun Gong   Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:11 am


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Trial Over Falun Gong
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