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 A Christmas Present

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PostSubject: A Christmas Present   Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:21 pm

:DA piece of baby
jokes below
Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted a kitten for
Christmas. Her mother couldn't buy a kitten and parcel it up for
Christmas Day, so she bought it a week before Christmas and gave it to
the little girl.

'You're getting your Christmas present
a week early this year,' her mother explained as she handed over the
fluffy little tabby kitten. 'Is that what you want?'

The little girl said, 'It's wonderful, mother...just what I wanted.
There's just one thing wrong!'

'What's that?' her mother asked.

'Well, it has a cute little claw on the outside of every paw and another
little claw on the inside of every paw - but the poor little thing has
no claws at all in the middle of its paws!'

Her mother smiled. 'Don't worry, Kitty. When you wake up on Christmas morning you'll find the claws are there.'

Now Kitty loved her kitten dearly, but she worried about the claws in
the middle of its paws. The days passed and there wasn't even a hint, a
clue or an inkling of claws in the middle of its paws.

When Christmas Eve arrived and there was still no sign, Kitty went to
her mother and asked again, 'Are you absolutely sure that the kitten
will have its middle claws tomorrow? There's only a few hours to go and
there's not a hint or clue or an inkling as to claws as far as I can

'Wait till you wake up on Christmas morning,' her mother smiled and went on stuffing the turkey.

So Kitty went to sleep a worried girl. When she woke up on Christmas morning she ignored the presents
in her stocking and rushed downstairs to look at her little kitten.

She was astounded, amazed and just a little surprised to see that her
kitten had four claws on every paw! The middle ones had appeared as if
by magic.

Kitty rushed to her parent's bedroom. 'Mummy, Mummy! The kitten has grown its middle claws!'

'Of course it has,' her mother grinned.

'But how did you know?' Kitty demanded.

Her father rolled over sleepily and sighed, 'Oh, Kitty, everybody knows that Centre-claws always comes at Christmas!'

From Chinese funny jokes and chinese funny pictures

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A Christmas Present
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